Aloe vera



Aloin in aloe vera leaf will activate the intestine which result to constipation.

Aroin is very bitter.It is difficult to accept in nomally eaten everyday.

New interresting information !!

in thhe bitter teste of aloe vera is rxpected to have medicinal properties. The gel inside is discovered the new properties.


The health power of aloe Vera in 21 century

 Since the ancient time there is information of the aloe vera effective in wound tretment such as burnt when aloe vera is cut the trankucent ;mucous somes out. When we cover the wound aloe vera left it prevent the becteria and cure no more severe. It informs the outside body effective ad wellas inside body.

the sticky mucous in stomach will coat the membrane wich reduces the severity of gastric acid and from the food consume. It controls inflammation the membrane of stomach. So whather it applied or eat protect the wound.


Basically there are hundred types of types of sugar separate by the difference of sequence in Molecularn structure. There is the research of rach type of sugar for the followings,

In addition of new unexpected facts, we found the 3 structure layer of giucose in aloe vera The wound of stomach membrane could remediation in short time by the effect from Aloe vera


The performance of first layer of Glucose in aloe vera
"Protect the lining membrane inside stomach"
When aloe vera pass stomach it will cover glaze the lining membrane, it from acid in the sotmach orthe acidity severity from food intake. it will controlled and reief inflammation. So the glocose in aloe vera will perform same for both eaten or applied outside.

The second layer of glucose in aloe vera
The secound layer of glucose in aloe vea is pectin, when aloe cera pass from stomach the pectin will coat 2 layer is not be solute by the gastric acid in stomach. this component will resist the Inflammation.

Carboxyl Peptidase will ciculate inside body and be adsorbed by intestine to the blood stream and flow back to stomach again it will recover the wound. Therefore the performances of the frist layer of glucose in aloe vera will protect the liner membrane of stomach and resist the inflammation, the secod layer will recover the inflammation by blood stream. 

The third of glucose in aloe vera
The Third layer of glucose is Acemanan,it will not be adsorbed at stomach and small intestine.At the large intertine it will effect as


 1. The performance to relieft the constipation, acemannan will adsorb the water,expand size and purge excrete the remaining fiber in large intestine.

 2. The microorganism reaction,acemannan will eliminate the microorganism in intestine.

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